P O Box 553, Lakota, ND 58344

Our 2013 quilting project was considered very successful again!!
There were 129 quilts put together and 132 were packed and driven to Grand Forks. From Grand Forks they were transported to Minneapolis to be baled together and shipped to wherever needed. The baling is the reason for the 60 X 80 size. Some of the quilts were left over from last year. We keep serveral at home for emergencies.
Several quilts were sold which paid for the batting every quilt needs to be filled with. Each roll of batting costs over $90. The tops were squares of material cut from donated materials and used clothing. The bottoms were mostly second hand sheets. Everyone can help in many ways. For example, when a shirt is being thrown away, take an extra look at it. Maybe the sleeves and back are good enough to cut into squares. Jobs can be done at home if you are unable to work with us at the church.
We were so fortunate to have Deb Zacha from one of our sister churches give us so much help.
We sincerely invite anyone who is able, to join us next January.
We thank everyone for the time in work and donations.
 God bless you!
A big thanks to Deb Zacha for hauling them to the transporters in Grand Forks. A couple of quilts are saved for Red Willow Quilt Auction in August.

Bit of history:
Fofund in a bulletin from years 1928 to 1975, 1000 quilts were made.
 Thirty-eight years later we know 3,800 more quilts have been made in LOVE for others.