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United Church of Christ History

   The first church to organize in Lakota was the Methodist Episcopal Church (M.E.) in 1884.  It's history is tied to ours.
   In March of 1895 the Nelson County Observer noted Rev. E.H. Stickney, of the Fargo office of the Congregational Church, spent a Sunday with friends in Lakota, the first indication of Congregational beginnings.  The Congregational church was first mentioned by name in the June 21, 1895 edition of the Nelson County Observer, informing the public of Congregational services at the courthouse. 
   As a foreshadowing of the future, the Congregationalists and Methodists held union services in October of 1896 and had a union memorial service at the M.E. church with the Congregationalist pastor, Rev. Rich, preaching in May 1897.
   The Congregationalists made arrangements in 1904 for construction of a church.  The first service in the new church was February 18, 1906 and it was dedicated in June of that year.  The 2/22/06 issue of The Lakota American described the church as "one of the coziest houses of worship to be found in the entire state".
   The Methodist and Congregational churches came together in 1916 as the Federated Church, but in 1937 the federation with the Methodist branch was dissolved and they went forward as the Congregational church. 
   In 1957 the Congregational Christian church united with the Reformed and Evangelical church to become the United Church of Christ and in 1961 the Lakota congregation voted in favor of ratifying its constitution and requested membership in the United Church of Christ.
(Information taken and paraphrased from the United Church of Christ Centennial history book)